Greetings to all!!!

Around an year back when i was looking for an online social game, i was looking for a game that allowed me to interact and play at same time. It should allow me to devise my own strategies and mold my game according the way i want to play it not just some preset guidelines.

This is when i came across True night.A game beautifully depicting the concept of teamwork,organization and communication.

I am not going to talk about how to play True night but to share my experience of playing this game.

While playing this game i came across people from all walks of life. Some to pass time,others looking for company.

Different cultures sharing their experiences,geographical boundaries diminishing and bridges of friendship closing the gaps which otherwise seemed impossible to happen.

True night is a highly addicting game in itself with its quests,collections and loads of special events happening but for me its the amalgamation of emotions,clash of egos,blossoming friendships that makes this game truly a Social game!

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